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I write stories, poetry, and essays not only as a means of artistic expression but as conveyors of my complex emotions, ideas, and experiences in a condensed and impactful form. In my stories, poetry, and essays I explore personal experiences, investigate the human condition, and capture the world around me through the use of vivid imagery, figurative language, and other methods that I hope will resonate with you, dear reader, on a deep and emotional level. My wish is that my writings inspire, challenge, and transform you, as they do me.


How often will I hear from you?

Regular issues of Caro’s Writing Perspectives release every Wednesday and Saturday at 1:30 pm ET currently.


Of Note

  • My poems, Violet Circles and Sea Worthy, have been published at Spillwords.

  • My poem Riparian Resplendence is in Written Tales Chapbook, Volume #10–Nature’s Embrace. Paperback and Kindle copies of Written Tales Chapbook, Volume #10 are available at Amazon.

  • My short fiction, Magical Encounters has been published at Written Tales.

Where should I begin reading?

I’ve listed some of my favorite poetry, short stories, and essays below to get you started.




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The nitty gritty

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Me, me, me

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Caro Henry

In a previous life, I worked as a skilled web designer and data analyst (creative endeavors, to be sure). Nowadays, I spend my time writing stories, poetry, and essays, tending to my beautiful garden, and creating a welcoming environment for all the critters (domesticated and wild) that call my yard home.

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Caro Henry

Short story writer, poet, mother. Human. Nothing extraordinary. Never started a trend, fashion or otherwise (certainly not anything for which I have been credited). Proud member of PEN America.