The Blue Chevy Malibu Writing Challenge

Blue Chevy Malibu car

Submission Guidelines

Writers, share your ending to Blue Chevy Malibu: The Beginning, and be featured on Caro’s Writing Perspectives.

Send your 200- to 500-word flash fiction piece in any genre (that picks up where the story The Beginning ends).

  • Your flash fiction should be in the body of an email

  • Give your flash fiction a title (not included in the word count)

  • Type Blue Chevy Malibu in the Subject line

  • Include your name as you would like it to appear on the byline

  • Email to

  • By submitting, you give me permission to publish your story with appropriate graphics on the home page and under the Writing Challenges section of the Caro’s Writing Perspectives site

This challenge is open-ended.